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TrueCellulose Cello Food Bags
  • Are you using real Cellulose bags which are 100% biodegradable?
  • Did you know that most food bags advertised as "Cello bags" are made of plastic (usually BOPP or polyethelene)
Cello has become a generic name for clear-film bags. Originally when first invented they were 100% biodegradable, made completely of cellulose fibres. However, due to lack of science, they were quite fragile often 'degraded' in the heat.

We now have the science to make True Cellulose Food Bags which are 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable. These True Cellulose Bags are based on the most naturally abundant organic material - cellulose, derived from wood pulp.
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cello bag biodegradable TrueCellulose
TrueCellulose Cello Food Bags (NFP)
Per piece from: $0.07 Exc GST

Clear Cello Bags, not made of plastic
Can be heat sealed
Sizes (all 23 microns thickness)
  • Small: Width 7.5cm, Height 15cm, Gusset 4.5cm (NFP20)
  • Med: Width 10cm, Height 23cm, Gusset 5cm (NFP24)
  • Large: Width 16.5cm, Height 23.5cm FLAT BAG (NFP16)
  • X-Large: Width 12.5cm, Height 28cm, Gusset 5cm (NFP28)