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PicnicSets   Assorted Picnicware Sets for Parties and Functions
SKF   Bamboo Skewer Flags 12cm, 18cm (SKF)
B23   Bio Fish & Chip MealBox 8" Square (800mL) - B23
B21   Bio Hamburger Box Hinged Clam 6" (480mL) - B21
B13   Bio Large Salad Bowl 480mL - (B13)
B12/50   Bio Small 350mL Bowl (B12)
S3   Biodegradable Cornstarch Fork (S3)
S1   Biodegradable Cornstarch Knife (S1)
S2   Biodegradable Cornstarch Spoon (S2)
S5/50   Biodegradable Teaspoon Small Spoon (S5) - pk of 50
BB   Brown Grocery Bag Strong Kraft Paper Wide Opening (BB)
Ins010   Cakebox Insert for 13"x13" box - 24 Xtra Mini holes (30pc)
ExtWall   Cakebox With High Extender Wall (12" cube, 15" cube, 16" cube)
SyrupCar   Caramel Syrup 1883 Maison Routin 1L
KBaseCIR   Cardboard ROUND SILVER OR BLACK Cake Base/Board 3" to 12"
KBaseSq   Cardboard SQUARE Cake Base/Board 3" to 15"
L340   Chocolate Confectionery Cups Size 2.4cm base x 1.7cm wall (Prod: L340)
B11A   Clear LID for Gelato 140mL Bio Cup( B11A)
B18   Coffee Cup Premium Single Wall 240mL / Cup 8oz Biodegradable PLA Lining (B18)
B42/100   Cup Biodegradable Cold Drink Cup 300mL, Flat Lid available 100pc (B42/100)
B40   Cup Biodegradable Plastic Disposable Drink Cup 260mL (B40)
B1108   Cup Gelato Double Scoop 240mL Bio Cup( B1108)
B11   Cup Gelato Single 140mL Bio Cup( B11)
L398   Cupcake Baking Cups Mini Size 3.8cm base x 2.8cm wall (Prod: L398)
L550   Cupcake Baking Cups REGULAR Size 5.0cm base x 3.5cm wall (Prod: L550)
L360   Cupcake Baking Cups Xtra Mini Size 3cm base x 2.3cm wall (Prod: L360)
C08   Cupcake Box "12-hole Mini" with Circle Window (C08)
C05   Cupcake box "12-hole Regular Cupcakes" with Circle Window (C05)
C11   Cupcake box "24-hole Xtra Mini Cupcakes" with Circle Window (C11)
C01   Cupcake Box 2-hole Rectangle with Window (C01)
C12   Cupcake box 24-hole Cupcake Transporter with No Window (C12)
C03   Cupcake Box 4-hole Square with Circle Window (C03)
C02   Cupcake Box 6-hole Rectangle with Window (C02)
C16   Cupcake Box 8-hole mini Rectangle with Window (C16)
C04   Cupcake Box 8-hole Square with Circle Window (C04)
CupcakeBoxSample   Cupcake Box Set (4 boxes)
C05R   Cupcake Box Transporter "12-hole Regular cupcakes" Rectangle with Window + Insert (C05R/25)
Ins009   Cupcake Holder Insert for 11" box - 20 Xtra Mini holes (30pc)
Ins004   Cupcake Insert for 10" box - 8 holes x 6cm (30pc)
Ins005   Cupcake Insert for 13" box - 12 holes x 6cm (30pc) (Ins005)
Ins003   Cupcake Insert for 9" box - 6 holes x 6cm (30pc)
Ins008   Cupcake Insert for C02 box - 8holes x 5cm (50pc)
Ins001   Cupcake Insert for product C01 - 2holes x 6cm (50pc)
Ins002   Cupcake Insert for product C02 - 6 holes x 6cm (50pc)
FT24W-Ins   Cupcake Tray 6-hole Carrier Biodegradable Rectangle (FT24W+Ins)
BDC   Deli Container Set Clear Biodegradable Plastic Disposable take-away container WITH LID 230mL, 350mL, 705mL (BDC)
D01D02   Designer Floral Black and White Cakebox (D01)
B17   Eco Deep Oval Lasagne Bowl Bamboo Fibre Salad Bowl 600mL - (B17)
EcoTray   Eco Kraft Brown Food Self-assemble Bakery Tray (EcoTray)
EcoBoat   Eco Kraft Brown Self-assemble Boat Tray (EcoBoat)
B19   Eco Salad Soup Container Round 650mL Set (base & lid) - B19
FlowerCal   Edible Calendula Petals Flower Decorations Yellow (FlowerCal)
FlowerCornblue   Edible Cornflower Petals Flower Decorations Blue (FlowerCornblue)
FlowerJas   Edible Jasmine Flower Buds Decorations Cream (FlowerJas)
FlowerLav   Edible Lavender Flower Australian Grown (FlowerLav)
FlowerHib   Edible Organic Hibiscus Flower Rosella Flower Petal Cake Decorations (FlowerHib)
RosPPink   Edible Pink Organic Rose Petals Cake Decoration (RosPPink)
RosPRed   Edible Red Organic Rose Petals Cake Decoration (RosPRed)
V01   Edible Rose Buds Dried (V01)
V01Small   Edible Rosebuds Flower Decorations Small Red Rose (V01Small)
R06   Glamour Silver Bow Woven Metallic Thread for Wedding Christmas (R06)
R07   Gold Bow Woven Metallic Thread for Wedding Christmas (R07)
R05   Gosgrain Ribbon with saddle stitch edging suitable for cookie packaging 1cm width, roll of 20m (R05)
SyrupIrish   Irish Cream Syrup 1883 Maison Routin 1L
R03   Jute Natural Fibre Twine Ribbon assorted colours and widths (R03)
FCL   Kraft Brown Ice Cream Cup & Lid Sets (FCL)
B24B25   Kraft Brown Rectangle Take-away container 500mL (B24) & 650mL (B25) - Base & lid sets
KCCup   Kraft Cardboard Burger Cup / Chip Cup Eco (KCCup)
CP   Kraft Coffee Bag Ziplock Pouch with one-way air valve 3 sizes (CP)
KCTray   Kraft Corrugated Strong Cardboard Take-away Food Tray Eco (KCTray)
B26   Kraft Modern Oval Take-away Tub container 1.1Litre (Base & lid) - B26
B16L   LID for Sauce Cup 59mL Medicine Portion Cup (B16L)
R01   Metallic Ribbon Organza Wire-Edged Christmas Pattern Assorted Giftbox (R01)
Ins007   Mini Cupcake Insert for 10" box - 12 holes x 5cm (30pc)
L700   Muffin Baking Cups MUFFIN Size 5.5cm base x 3.6cm wall (Prod: L700)
C13   Muffin Carrier 24-hole Muffin Transporter with No Window (C13)
Ins006   Muffin Insert for 13" box - 12 holes x 6.5cm (30pc) (Ins006)
OCB   Open Cakebox Base Tray Square (OCB)
P14   Paper Bag Kraft Brown Small Portrait H20cm x W14cm x G8cm (P14)
J Doileys   Paper Doileys 200pcs
FT   Paper Food Tray Biodegradable Rectangle (FT)
G02   Pastry Box 10" Square with Circle Window (G02)
G03   Pastry Box 11" Square with Circle Window (G03)
G04   Pastry Box 13" Square with Circle Window (G04)
G01   Pastry Box 9" Square with Circle Window (G01)
G06   Pastry Large TALL Rectangle box with window (G06)
G13   Pastry Rectangle Lamington Cake Tray Cookie Box with Window (G13)
G09   Pastry Rectangle Small Chocolate Box / Petit Four / Macaroon Macaron Box with Window (G09)
G05   Pastry Small Rectangle TALL box with Window (G05)
PCD   Pine canapes dish fingerfood disposable bowl (PCD)
B03   Plate Lunch Oval 23x16cm (B03)
B06/25   Plate Round 3 Section Dinner Plate 9"/23cm - Pack of 25 (B06)
B01   Plate Round Dessert 17cm- 50pcs (B01)
B02   Plate Round Dinner 10"/25cm - 50pcs (B02)
R02   Polka Dot Satin Ribbon Blue Pink Green Pastels (R02)
P30   Premium Lunch Wrap 33 x 40cm (800sheets) P30
B32   Punnet Dessert Dish Square 250mL Gelato Dish (B32)
CMasCircle   SALE - Wood Masonite Cake Boards Circle
CMasRectangle   SALE - Wood Masonite Cake Boards Rectangle
CMasSquare   SALE - Wood Masonite Cake Boards Square
B16   Sauce Cup 59mL Medicine Portion Cup (B16)
P12/10   Serviette Black & White Vintage Damask Bulk Bundle - 10 Packs
P12/20   Serviette Black & White Vintage Damask Bulk Bundle - 20 Packs
P12/50   Serviette Black & White Vintage Damask Bulk Bundle - 50 Packs
P12   Serviette Black & White Vintage Damask Bulk Retail Bundles (P12)
C14   Single Cupcake box 1-hole box with top & side window (C14)
SB16   Soup/ Salad / Gelato Packaging Cup 470mL Bio Cup (SB16)
JSP   Steam Basket Paper Greaseproof Round for Bamboo Steam Basket (JSP)
SushiEG   Sushi Tray Bamboo Pulp Food Display Tray (SushiEG)
C15   TALL 6-hole Square Cupcake Box with CIRCLE Window (C15)
CKBOX   Tall and Short Cakebox 7" to 12" made from Food Packaging Repurposed Self-Assemble cakebox
NFP   TrueCellulose Cello Food Bags (NFP)
SyrupBS   Vegan Butterscotch Syrup 1883 Maison Routin 1L
CChoice   Vegan Flavours Extract Essence 100ml
WPB   White Paper Bag (WPB)
C17   Window box "12-hole Muffin Cupcakes" with Circle Window (C17)
MSqBlack   Wood Masonite Black SQUARE Cakeboard 12" to 14"
WTray   Wooden Fingerfood Plate Tray Small, Med, Large (WTray)
S83   Wooden Fork Eco Biodegradable Wood Cutlery (S83)
S6   Wooden Gelato Stick Spoon Paddle (S6)
S81   Wooden Knife Eco Biodegradable Wood Cutlery (S81)
S82   Wooden Spoon Eco Biodegradable Wood Cutlery (S82)
S8   Wooden Spork Eco Biodegradable Wood Cutlery (S8)
WTSP   Wooden Teaspoon Eco Biodegradable Cutlery(WTSP)
P16   XLarge Grocery Brown Paper Bag H32cm x W35cm x G23cm (P16)

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